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Kleenex®, Thermos®, Tylenol® . . . when you want a stair machine, the name that comes to mind is StairMaster®. Since 1983, StairMaster® has been turning out new and improved stair climbing equipment, and the 4600 CL is proof of that. The 4600 CL employs an electronically controlled alternator that precisely controls pedal descent, which allows users of all abilities to obtain a great workout. Pedals are managed with patented, independent geometry, which ensures safe, biomechanically correct movement throughout the entire workout. For comfort purposes the 4600 CL offers one-piece soft pedals for a cushioned climb and side handrails are in place for safety and ergonomics. A custom C40 LCD computer displays all of the workout information you need, and on the 4600 CL, workouts include: Manual, Quick Start, Fat Burner, Calorie Burner; Speed Intervals, HR Zone Trainer, "multi stage" pre-programmed fitness tests, and the CPAT Fire Fit Test. The 4600 CL is cordless, sports a standard reading rack, water bottle holder, and accessory tray, and allows you to vary your speed from 26, to a heart-pounding 174 steps per minute. Best of all, the sturdy StairMaster® 4600 CL is backed by 17 years of proven performance, so you can take every step with confidence.

Independent step-action, patented pedal geometry and electronic braking system
Computer console displays workout statistics including time, calories burned, *distance traveled, floors climbed and step rate
Four workout programs, each with 20 levels of intensity
Speed range from 26 to 174 steps per minute
Water bottle holder, reading rack and accessory tray included
Drive System: Electronically-controlled alternator with chain drive precisely controls the pedal descent allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones
Step Action: Patented, independent pedal geometry with four bar linkage keeps pedals level ensuring a safe, biomechanically correct movement
Resistance Levels: 20
Step Range: 1" to 14"
Step Rate: 26 to 174 steps/minute
Digital Heart Rate Monitoring System
Display Type: 3 Window LED
Workouts: Manual & 3 Programs
Power: Battery-Operated 
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