Life Fitness brand has been manufactured by the company with over 27 years of experience in the fitness market. It is the most trusted brand all over the world and preferred by most fitness centers and health enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of exercise machines including elliptical trainers. They have an unmatched reputation and this is evident with all the customer praises and industry awards. Their products are known for durability, quality, beauty and functionality. With life fitness 5500HR elliptical you can never get bored with your workout routine, since there are many exercise variations.

Life fitness 5500hr elliptical has been fully re-manufactured and designed to deliver the best total body workout. For the perfect lower and upper body motion it features crank design. The glutes and hamstrings gets perfect workout with the forward elliptical motion while the backward motion works on your quads and calves. It offers consumers more variety in home elliptical equipment. For total body results users can alternate between forward and backward motion exercising large groups of upper and lower body muscles.

Workout programs: this includes cross train aerobics, cross train aerobics, hill, random, manual, fat burn and cardio.

20 resistance levels: This option gives any user the needed challenge and motivation to enjoy their workouts.

Displays: Time, total calories, calories/hour, watts, METs, resistance level, RPM, distance and workout profile.

Dimensions: 80″L x 27″W x 66″H

Monitoring: It has polar telemetry chest strap which reads and monitors the heat rate. It has Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system which is the most accurate way of calculating heartbeats.

Movable arms: the unit has movable arms which facilitates upper body workout.

Stride length: the machine has stride length of 19.5 which is comfortable for average height users.

This machine requires power and can utilize any standard outlet. It also features accessory tray and reading rack. It weighs 235 lbs.

Life fitness 5500hr elliptical trainer offers good value for your money. To attain the best results use it properly, regularly and safely.

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