Refurbished Fitness Equipment

Save thousands of dollars versus purchasing new while still maintaining peace of mind and being backed by one of the best companies in the fitness industry. Our goal is to provide top level quality fitness equipment, affordable prices, superior attention to detail and 110% customer satisfaction. Each piece of refurbished equipment goes through an extensive rebuild, service, touch up paint/powder coating and detail process.


Motors/Drive components - rollers, motors, generators, crank shafts etc
Each of these parts is taken apart, bench tested for wear. They are rebuilt or replaced

Wear items - belts, wheels, decks, overlays, ramps
All items are inspected for wear. Any items with more than 25% wear are replaced with brand new parts. Most elliptical ramps are recovered with a new surface if needed.

Electronics - consoles, control boards, heart-rate, power cords
All electronics are carefully removed and cleaned. Any electronic damaged is completely replaced. All power cords are inspected for wear and replaced if necessary.

One of our trained-licensed technicians thoroughly inspects each frame for structural damage and ensures the product meets factory specifications. All frames will be free of any rust, structural damage and excessive uneven paint surfaces.  Frames can be painted or powder coated.

All plastic is inspected for damage. Any plastic piece with damage that cannot be repaired will be replaced.  Each piece is sanitized and detailed. Any decals with excessive damage will be replaced if needed.